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Where’s the Google Juice

G+ Tourist Searching for Google JuiceMeet the G+ Tourists.  They live over on Facebook.  That’s where they play and work with their friends and family.  That’s where they strive to grow their fan base.  But lately they’ve been hearing about the wonders of Google Plus.  And what attracts them the most is that they’ve heard there is a mysterious benefit of participating on Google Plus, a Google juice, which will help their content rank higher in the search results.

The G+ Tourist

So, almost as if on a pilgrimage, they trek over to Google to dip their toes in the mysterious powerful waters of Google Plus.  They make a few posts and eager watch their blog posts to see if they begin to rank higher in the search results.  Some people say they see a slight improvement but many are leery that this so called Google Juice even exists.  They see no improvement in their search results and nobody clicks on their promos and calls to action.  They declare Google Plus a ghost town.

The problem is they don’t understand Google Plus.  Now, I’m not faulting these tourists.  Most of us here on Google Plus started on Facebook.  It met certain social needs.  But to take advantage of what Google has to offer you have to understand it.

Google Plus can help improve the rankings of your content in the search results.  But it doesn’t just happen by visiting Google and sharing a few posts or accumulating hundreds or even thousands of followers.  Basic SEO principles are still at work.

Personal Search Results

We will start with personal search results.  Since Google introduced Search Plus Your World the search results can now include posts from G+.  But there are two very important caveats.

The first is that in most cases only the people that have you in a circle will see your Google Plus posts in the search results.  True, it is possible for everybody in the world to see your public G+ post, but you have to be a  pretty heavy hitter with a lot of clout for your personal Google Plus post to appear in the regular search results.  For most of us, only the people who circle us will see our Google Plus posts and they will be identified with a feint grey icon.

The second requirement is that the post include keywords relevant to the search terms.  It’s just like regular search.  If somebody is searching a specific word or phrase, it is important that word or phrase is at the beginning of the post.  As obvious as this seems, so many people don’t include keywords that Google can latch onto when returning search results.

Regular Organic Search Results

However, the real benefit of Google Plus is the ability to improve the rankings of our blog content.  But again, our blog content isn’t just going to start ranking higher by randomly posting about miscellaneous topics on Google Plus. To get top rankings the blog content should be optimized.  There are two elements of Google search.


The first is relevance.  For Google to return content in the search results it has to be relevant to the search query.  Again if somebody is searching a specific word or phrase, that keyword or phrase should be in your content.  Google has to know your content is the most relevant to the search string to position your content at the top of the search results.  All the Google Plus activity in the world isn’t going to change this.  Google is staking it’s reputation on returning the most relevant answer to a searchers question.


The content has to also be good.  This is where Google Plus helps. It helps measure the quality of the content.

In the past Google determined the quality of content by the quality of a website, essentially Page Rank.  One measurement was how many inbound links a website had.  Google thought that if a site had many inbound links, especially from reputable sources, the site must be good.

Now Google is also including social signals. So the key to Google juice is to share your blog content on Google Plus so that people can vote on it in the form of +1′s, comments, and by sharing it.

When you share your blog post it is immediately indexed in Google’s search results.  The more relevant and reliable your content is the better it will rank in the search results.

How to Get Google Juice

So to give your content a Google Plus boost

  • Start with optimized content with relevant keywords
  • Create relationships in Google Plus. A network of people who will interact with the content you post.
  • Create a Google Plus Post and link to your content so people can comment on the content, give it +1′s and share it.

It may happen very quickly or take awhile, but as your content receives positive social attention it will start climibing up the rankings.