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More About Google Authorship

Al Remetch - Google Authorship

By Al Remetch

Google Authorship is getting a lot of buzz recently because it is seen as a vehicle to quickly improve your rankings in Google’s search results.  And this can work very fast for non competitive keywords like a person’s name.

However, when competing against more competitive keywords, although implementing Google Authorship will give you the edge, it requires a little more than just that.

Google’s goal is to return the best content possible in the search results.  To help them do this they implemented Author Mark Up language.  This allows them to identify authors and the content they create.  It also allows Google to keep track of the popularity of the author and the posts they create.  Google does this by measuring the interactivity of posts and content.  They can see how many +1′s a post receives and how often a post is shared and re-shared.

Google even takes note of who is giving the content a +1 and who is sharing it.  If an established expert in the field (Google already has the data on them) shares a post it has more weight than a regular person sharing the post.

Other factors are the author’s popularity.  Google takes note of how many people have the author in a circle.  You will see this in Google’s search results.  When content from the author appears in the search results, there will be a byline of the author linking to the author’s Google+ profile and Google will also state how many people have the author in a circle.

This does two things.  One, Google assumes that if an author is in a large number of circles the author must have some level of credibility and expertise.  And two, it tells the person looking at the search results how popular the author is.

So, for an author to utilize the benefits of implementing Google Authorship, to get top rankings in the organic search results, they should create a large body of work in their subject area to tell Google they are active in the field.  Then it would be extremely advantageous to also share this material in Google Plus to give the Google community to interact with the content and give it +1′s and share it.  It also wouldn’t hurt to build get large numbers of people to circle you.

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