Kajabi Review

Review of KajabiI just closed my Kajabi account.  I had created a membership site for some classes I was offering.  But that class is over now and Kajabi’s $99 per month fee was just more than I wanted to pay when there are less expensive alternatives that may work just as well.

However, I must report that Kajabi does get the job done.  It is an excellent membership platform with lots of flexibility and options.  One drawback for me is it’s built around sales funnels and if you want to release a series of videos that’s great.  But I personally think the sales funnels that consists of a series of videos before an early bird special and launch is fading.  One associate of mine just through her hands up in the air and dropped her subscription because starting with a sales funnel was just to foreign to her.

And I agree,  Kajabi is that it’s not easy.  The process for setting up a membership site isn’t intuitive and to access some of the the help files you have to log into another section of the site.  On the other hand, the technical support was great 99% of the time, both friendly and knowledgeable.  I always used live chat via text.

Another thing that I didn’t like is that I couldn’t offer multiple products the way I wanted.  I have several training courses I want to offer, but Kajabi only has membership levels.  I could put courses in one level and a customer could advance to another level with more courses.  But a person couldn’t pick and choose from a variety of training courses.  Also, once a person’s membership expired it was a real pain getting them activated again.

What I find most interesting is the offers Kajabi presents when you choose to cancel the service.  The first offer is that Kajabi knows it can be time consuming to set up a membership site and they will give you the next three months for $33 per month.  I wish I had known that was available when it was taking me months to set up my site.

If you decline that offer, the next offer is that they will archive your site for $9.99 per month.  Again, that would have been useful information a few months ago.  I may have chosen that option.

The moral of the story for me is try cancelling.  A better offer may be available.

Bottom line, this is a very high end platform that many of the leading Internet marketers use but it is priced accordingly and it’s not easy to set up.  However, the live support is very good.