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How to Get your G+ Post to Always Appear in Google Search Results

Get your content on page one of search resultsI was a guest on Connor T MacIVOR’s radio show the other day to talk about SEO and the Real Estate industry. I talked about personal search results and how easy it was to get a Gplus post to appear in Google’s search results for the people that have you in a circle just by effectively using keywords.

However, I didn’t go very deep into how to use keywords in a Google Plus post.  If you have a home for sale and you want to reach buyers who are searching for “homes for sale” in Google, you have a better chance of your Gplus post appearing in the personal search results if you use the same exact phrase that your prospective buyer is searching.  Obviously if your buyer is entering, “homes for sale” into Google it would be ideal to have “homes for sale” in your Gplus post.  Thousand of home buyers use this search term every month. (see the results below from Google’s AdWords planner)

Searches for Homes for Sale


Most of the time you only have to enter the keywords once and you can get your Gplus post in the search results.  But sometimes it takes more than just one mention of the keyword.  If I want to be sure that my Gplus post ranks on the first page of Google’s search results I try to use the keyword at least two times.  It’s my simple thinking that if you mention a keyword only once, it is just like every other word in the sentence or paragraph.  But if you mention it more than once, you focus attention on the word.  It helps the Google bot to know that the content is about the keyword that is repeatedly mentioned.  Of course, you don’t want to commit the Google crime of keyword stuffing but you do want Google to know the most important word in your content.

Here’s a test post I did to illustrate my point.  I wanted this test post to rank on the first page for “Pizza Palmdale”  which it did and has been there for months.  (If you search this you won’t see because only the people in my test circle can see it.)

pizza Palmdale ranks on first page of Google's search results.


I pushed this post to the limit.  I started with the keywords, Palmdale Pizza, and then repeated the keywords of Pizza and Palmdale a couple more times.  This almost always works unless you have been somehow penalized by Google.

Parting words, don’t keyword stuff, but don’t be afraid to let Google and your audience know what your content is about.