House for Sale in Hopkinton, MA

Test listing for House for sale Hopkinton MaWhat am I doing blogging about a House for Sale in Hopkinton, Ma? I’m not a real estate agent and I don’t have any houses for sale in Hopkinton, Ma.  However, I am a local search consultant and every now and then I have to get in the trenches and test my theories.

House for Sale Hopkinton, Ma

Today, I’m testing the proper use of certain word to achieve higher ranking.  It is my belief that many real estate agents could improve their rankings immensely by simply using the right words.

A very common search query when looking for a home in Hopkinton, Ma, would be “house for sale in Hopkinton, Ma.  So it might be a beneficial for an agent that wants to compete with Trulia or Zillow, and get on the first page of the search listings to actually use the words that people are searching for, which in this case would be, “House for Sale Hopkinton, Ma.

As a result, I’ve created this post focused on these words.

Working for me is a is the generous use of words relating to homes for sale.  Working against me is the fact that I have very little authority for this subject matter. Also, this will be a shorter post than I usually write for top rankings.  However, I do have Google authorship and feel that Google trusts my content based on previous social signals.

So we shall see.  If you want to participate in this home grown science experiment conduct your own search for, “House for Sale Hopkinton, Ma and see if you can see this post in the results.  It may not be there immediately.  Sometimes it takes a day or two, or three.

On Oct 14th this test was expanded to include Detached Garage.