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Google Plus Profile Page Rank

G+ Page RankThere’s been a lot of talk lately about the page rank of G+ profiles and if it is ranking signal.  Since Page Rank for web pages is at the core of the Google algorithm it is probably safe to assume that it also plays a significant role on Google Plus as well.  Joshua Berg has done extensive research on Google Plus page rank to confirm this.

Since the page rank of your Google Plus profile may have an impact on Google’s search results both in Google Plus and and in the regular Google search the next question is how do you build it?  What contributes to a high page rank?

How Do You Build Page Rank

After watching experts like Mark Traphagan in countless Google Plus Hangouts on Air discuss this subject it appears that G+ Plus Page Rank is essentially the same as any other page rank and the primary force for building G+ Page Rank is inbound links.  In a Google Plus posts this happens when somebody tags a person in their post with the + sign followed by their name which turns into a hyperlink and connects to that person’s G+ profile such as
+Al Remetch.

Like traditional page rank not all links are the same.  A +mention by a person with high page rank themselves will count more than a mention by a person with lower page rank.  Also the placement of the link is important according to Joshua Berg.  If it is above the fold, early in the post counts more than a +mention later in the post or in the comments.

Mark Traphagan credits his high page rank to people around the web linking to his Google Plus profile.  And I think this may have more impact and deserves more emphasis than it has been given.

A Key Ingredient to High G+ Profile Page Rank

I’m a local SEO consultant and have moved many business to the top of the local search results.  When I started this was often very easy.  In the early days of Google Local many businesses didn’t have websites and all they needed to get top rankings was to create a website and link to that website in their Google local listing.

Of course, as the Internet progressed more and more businesses created websites and this wasn’t as easy and I noticed that the emphasis had shifted to the page rank of the website as a ranking factor for the Google Local listing in the 10 pack (then).  I had a client that had two websites, one had a high page rank and the other website had a lower page rank.  When I linked the website with the high page rank to the local listing, the local listing was on page one in the top 4 search results.  However, when I linked to the website with the lower page rank the local listing fell off the first page and appeared on the third page.

The local listing was getting it’s juice from the website.  The keyword optimization of the website also significantly impacted the keyword search results for the local listing (which appeared in Google Local and then Google Maps at that time).

I believe the same thing is happening with Google Plus Page Rank and Google Authorship might be critical factor.  When we set up Google Authorship we create a link from our post to our G+ profile.  My theory is that the more juice our website has the more impact it will have on our Google Plus Profile Page Rank.  Many of the people who have an extremely high G+ profile page rank also have Google Authorship set up on blogs that have high traditional page rank.  So the quality of the author’s website or blog is also feeding their G+ page rank.  As a result, a person on Google Plus might not be dependent on +tag mentions in Google Plus but can also build Google Plus Page rank their blog or website.

Sure, there will be exceptions to the rule.  There are probably people out there like celebrities that have a very high Google Plus Page Rank and may not have Google Authorship or a linked website with high page rank.  However, Google Plus Page Rank like most Google algorithms consists of many signals and for most of us, authorship on a quality blog may be a significant contributor to our G+ Page rank.