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Google Authorship

Google Authorship
There is undisputed evidence that Google Authorship can be a very helpful factor in improving rankings of web content in Google’s search results.

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship is a process in which Google verifies the identity of an author.  This allows Google to provide information about the author of an article when that content is indexed by Google and appears in the search results.

In the background, Google is keeping track of the author and the social interaction with the author’s content.  As the author’s good reputation and authority grows, the more likely Google is to rank content from the author higher in the search results.

Here are two helpful links.

This link is to the best overview I have found on the web for setting up authorship.
Google Author Instructions 

Here is a Google Link where you can run a test to see if you properly set up Google Authority.

Structured Data Testing Tool 


  1. This is great information about moving into the future. I will continue to follow your blog closely and follow your advice. I am getting my Google Authorship started after reading this helpful article.

  2. Hi Al

    Saw you on Carol Dodsley show and loved the info you shared. I implemented the google authorship stuff and now offer it to other clients.



  3. Thanks for your article. I have put Google authorship into place and now a search of my blog’s domain name is on page one and the top position with my G+ profile photo. Can’t beat that.